Expose file metadata to Focus

I use third party software to manage the metadata of my collection and there are quite a few tags that would be very useful to me if they were exposed within Roon’s focus in order to be able to create interesting focus/bookmarks.

Would love to see Roon allow the user to specify which tags are to be imported from a file’s metadata, and then make the contents, or even just the tag names, made available to focus.

A simple example would be, eg, I have a tag ‘Vinyl Rip’ - would be very nice to be able to import that tag and then create a focus which shows all my Vinyl Rips…


Are all your vinyl rips in one storage location? Is so, then you could add all those tags at once.

No, they are stored along with all my other albums in the general hierarchy that I use.

//nas/my music/artist first letter/artist/album/files

It’s the metadata that identifies the album as a vinyl rip, but Roon doesn’t expose the metadata that I need to query, hence my request. I do write “Vinyl Rip” into the VERSION tag, which Roon does pick up and display, but there’s no way to do string searches, so I cannot query VERSION either.

Gotcha. I keep Vinyl is a different base folder so music/vinyl/artist/album/files…

+1 Great idea. Would be very useful.

I could move my vinyl (in fact I probably will - thanks!) but this is just one example. Importing metadata and allowing us to access it in Roon would open up lots of functionality for creating interesting and useful focus views regardless of file locations.

+1 here too.

I am with you on expanding Focus options. +1 I was just offering a way to group tag, as you can focus by storage location, select all, then mass tag.

Yes, appreciated. I will certainly use that method for now :slight_smile: