Extension to share a track through a streaming service?

Hi there !

I like to share music with friends and, as Roon currently doesn’t allow me to share my own music library with them, I’d like to find an extension that would allow me to share a track from my Roon lib that do exist on one of the main streaming platforms.

Ideally, the extension/plugin would search for “%Arstistname% - %Trackname%” on the following services and display a share link, ready to be shared on social medias or messaging apps :

  • youtube / youtube music
  • spotify
  • bandcamp

Of course, the holy grail would be to have the possibility to share my “real” library with friends in the future, and share recommendations between each other based on the real thing. But in order to make Roon a more “social media” friendly piece of software, I think the above would still be interesting to add.

Anyone knows if this is something already achieved through an existing extension ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile: