External CD/DVD writer compatibility, Samsung DVD Writer Model SE-208

Hello folks,

I’ve a 10th gen NUC and the writer wasn’t recognised by the system and thus didn’t work.

I tried the device again with Roon 2.0 (Build1148) and it now works fine.

Personally I use Mp3tag to add tags and change the file names appropriately. Then manual backup gives more useable files should the worse happen.

You mean the Samsung drive was not functioning with ROCK 1.0.227 and is working with ROCK 1.0.254?

Roon does not talk to the CD drive at all, it’s all ROCK.

I mean it functions with ROCK “Operating System Version 1.0 (build 254) production” I did not state that it didn’t work with build 227. The new build (254) notes suggested that ROCK may be compatible with a wider number of external disks. The drive may have worked with other builds, but it didn’t work with the original build when I built my ROCK! The original build was ROCK created when Roon 1.7 was the current version, or may have been later during the 1.8 editions.

When I plug the drive into the NUC the “CD Ripper” function now works, in that the dialogue appears and inserting a CD starts the disc ripping function.

Perhaps the second paragraph should read, " I tried the device again with ROCK RoonOS Version 1.0 (build 254) production and is working fine."

I access what I call the “Roon OS” using a shortcut I created on my windows 11 PC stealing the roon logo and labeling it as Roon OS. ( .

I may have labelled or described things incorrectly. I’m more than happy to change the original post to use correct wording!!

PS really enjoying the product, particularly after getting my UK EE broadband connection sorted out with ARC.