External DACs work with non-existant iPhone/iPad app?

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@brian - Thank you for the explanation in the linked thread about obstacles that Roon Labs faces in your efforts to make IOS devices both control AND playback devices. In the ardent hope (fingers crossed!) that someday these obstacles beyond your control will be favorably resolved, I’ve got a question…

Assuming the obstacles are resolved, and you were able to create such an app, would you be able/willing to project whether such an IOS app would be able to bypass the Apple devices DAC, and use an external DAC instead?

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Not sure why JRiver and other players can do this just fine :confused: while Roon apparently can’t.

And they allow you to use external DACs, so I’d certainly hope that any future Roon development would do the same.

John - Thats a good point. But I would ask that we not address the “why don’t we have this already” question here, since that’s been answered in the thread linked to at the top of my OP.

Take a look at that link. Around the 5th post down - and then in some other lower posts - Brian answers your question very well.

Hope that helps.

I don’t see anything standing in the way of this assuming the current issues are resolved.

Awesome. Thank you.

I am considering acquiring a quality portable DAC/amp. If there were some reason why you might have said “No” to my OP’s question, then I’d be less likely to do get one, figuring it was money that might ultimately be wasted (for my purposes, that is).

I did not mention that though, because I didn’t want to put anyone in a position of being asked to make purchase recommendations in advance of a thing that may very well never happen. So, if I do get a nice portable DAC/Amp for my IOS devices, and the Roon IOS apps wind up never being able to play music, well… that’s on me. A risk I decided to take.

Thank you for the reply.

Yes, i made the same Roon gamble.
I bought the Audeze Lightning cable-DAC for the Audeze headphones, they work great for all iOS apps.

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Sweet! :slight_smile: