External Ethernet cable

Looking to run an Ethernet cable from where my router is round the outside of the house and in to where my office is.
I’m presuming I need an external cable but there seems to be many different types of covering, aluminium vs copper etc etc.
Any rules I should follow?
I will get a pre terminated length as I can drill a hole behind the input plate.

any outdoor cable should be fine unless you live in pretty harsh conditions or plan to bury it you might get away with Cat6 indoor too, Cat6 is fine for sure, but get a an extra meter or 2 to coil somewhere and dont forget drip loops and entry points. Plug this big holes if you plan to use preterminated cables.

I bought one of these recently, to run a cable temporarily (ha!) from my house to my garage.


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But if long distance - be aware lightning discharges.
Unfortunately I experienced this years ago…

Thanks all!!

I paid a guy $200 to run an ethernet cable around the back of my house tucked under the bottom piece of siding. He installed the connectors on the ends of the cable after running the cable so the holes drilled are small. He used a plug into those hole that the wire goes through.

It really should run through a conduit but probably more trouble than it is worth.

I ran a standard outside cat 6 cable from cable monkey been great. I will at some point redo it and put it in conduit but It was such a pain to feed it into the house I am holding off.

You can get outdoor rated cable. Ran a length up the side of the house in a corner and then painted same color as the house. Been doing just fine for the last seven years.

mmm, you’ll need a massive hole to get an RJ-45 through it. Hopefully you’re not drilling through brick.

Home Depot (and other places) have a kit for attaching the connectors. I would grab one of those before drilling huge holes in the side of my house.

I wouldn’t say massive. Just slightly bigger than the connector (assuming you wouldn’t be using some sort of oversize audiophile one). Trick is to put a straight stiff piece of wire through the hole (like a coat hanger) and then tape it to the connector at the end (not side of) and pull through. That way sag doesn’t screw you up.

Also easier if you decide to do a remodel box and plate on the inside of the house so only one small(ish) hole to go through.

I’ve got a huge box in front of where the hole will be as I used to have an ISDN line which because of its jet age 64k apparently needed huge air gaps in case it distorted space time.
The other end is in my office so I can do what I like there. (That bravado is obviously rubbish, I can do what I like as long as it’s hidden away and my wife can’t see it :pleading_face:)

Is interesting, easier connections to terminate and there might be an existing candidate wire. I’m currently in a rental property and this is tempting me. Just a thought.