External Hard Drive Recommendations Needed

Happy Halloween!

I’m looking to purchase an external hard drive to backup the two - 4TB LaCie Rugged drives I have now.

Ideally, I would like to purchase 1 drive to backup the LaCie drives. I’m thinking a 10TB should do the trick. I’ve been looking at the G-Technology drives.

What is everyone else using? Suggestions and recommendations are very much appreciated.

Please and thank you!

I have used and liked both LaCie as well as WD.

For Backup I would look for a disk that has enough capacity, is silent and looks nice.

Check this site for reviews:

Haven’t had good experiences with WD. Now I only use Seagate. Currently two Seagate Backup Plus HUB 8 TB.

I have two Seagate 8 TB hard drives - one is my main drive, the other is the backup. This particular model isn’t silent, but it is relatively cheap and seems to work well.

Wanted to push this to the top.

Anyone else have suggestions//recommendations on external HD for backup storage?

Thank you!

I used external WD drives for about 15 years. In fact, my first 500 GB still spins but is spatially obsolete for me. I started having issues with their USB powered Passport drives so decided to try Seagate due to great Costco deals. My local library is on a 8GB Seagate Backup Pro connected to an iMac then sent to a Nucleus+ and haven’t had problems in a couple years. I then have a 4TB Seagate USB drive as a backup connected to the same iMac. I prefer the small size because I take it when I travel or get odd feelings and want it out of the house while I am not there. No problems yet. All drives are prone to failure, and they do what I need them to do.

Once I install a Samsung 4TB SSD internally in the Nucleus+, I will use both Seagate drives as backups (one stationary and one for travel). When one fails, I will just replace with what I can afford at that time.

Thank you everyone for all your suggestions!

It really seems like storage options are based off personal experience and preference.