External Harddrive

Looking to buy a new external hard drive for my music library.Thing about a thunderbolt drive.What is everybody using and recommendations?

@Outlaw, I use a Qnap NAS, if thunderbolt connectivity is important Qnap have a dual interface eg thunderbolt 2 and gb lan model, the TVS-871T though it is not cheap!


Hello Jason,

Since 2011 I have been employing Promise Pegasus Thunderbolt Raid 5 drives without incident. They are reliable and fast and trouble-free. Just recently as my library is growing I purchased a new Promise Pegasus Raid 5 18TB Thunderbolt 2 and now use the Promise Pegasus Raid 5 12TB as backup. The combination is winning and fast. And trouble-free. The models are expensive, but the performance, throughput is exceptional. Are there less expensive alternatives? I am pretty sure. But I am sticking with years of reliability. And excellent customer support.