External Lyrics File (*.lrc) Support

The following post mentioned:

But now near 4 years later, I tried put some lrc file with the same name of the media file but nothing works.

After several attempts I assume it still not implemented. Embedded lyrics need lots of work and also hard to manage and inspect. Please reconsider add external lrc file support.

Support for .lrc files has long been implemented I believe. Are you following the steps outlined by @Rugby in his excellent post?

Thank you for the post. However, the support for the .lrc file in this post is copying the content of the .lrc file and then using Mp3Tag software to embed it into the LYRICS tag field. It needs the installation of third-party software (Mp3Tag) and needs copy-paste work for every track one by one. The embedded lyrics are hard to manage and must touch the original audio file. I want to directly read the .lrc file with the same name in the same folder:

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I also tried to rescan the album or re-import it, all of the lrc files had the same name as the audio file in the folder, but still no lyrics showed up. Could you have a try to see if an external lrc file (not embedded LYRICS tag) can be used? Thanks!

If anybody successfully loaded external lyrics (.lrc) file please let me know. I tried all approaches but still not working and I am pretty sure it has not been implemented yet.

i waiting also this feature a long time. Please implement external lrc files

Alternatively, I know that Genius (the lyrics website) consistently has CORRECT lyrics for songs, whereas other websites and sources are often incorrect. I’ve noticed the lyrics that Roon pulls automatically are often incorrect. Integrating Genius as a supplier for the lyrics would be an amazing feature.

definitely not implemented, as even after following the guide,Roon is not reading lrc files. Any news on this?