Extra "around the web" link

I like the “around the web” link on the main artist page, with links to things like Wikipedia and the artists own page. I think it would be great if a link to the artist’s discogs page could be shown here! And maybe the same for the album pages.

Well, in theory, the artist’s discography (credits included!) should be right in front of you in Roon :smile:

But obviously we don’t have metadata for everything and surely discogs covers some things that we don’t, and vice versa. So better than a link, I’ll pass off the suggestion to the team to consider using some of their data. I’m not sure that we’ve evaluated it before, but it’s worth a look. Thanks for the suggestion!

You’re right Kevin, it should! But Discogs would provide a handy reference to make sure that the right version/release/etc of the album had been identified by Roon :slight_smile: