Extra, incorrect 'performed by' credit

Only a small issue, but it’s nagging at me.

An EP in my collection, Wolf’s Lair Abyss by Mayhem, shows up in roon as having ‘all tracks also performed by Mcd Mayhem’. Accordingly, if I click on credits, the primary artist field has both Mayhem and Mcd Mayhem on separate lines.

That’s an error, there’s no such band as Mcd Mayhem. I’ve no idea where it came from. It’s definitely not in the metadata embedded in the file, I’ve double checked with Metadatics. So it must be something that roon has automatically added. Maybe it’s because some people call EPs MCDs and there was a mixup along those lines. But anyway, I’d like to get rid of it.

The odd thing is that when I try to edit the metadata, the only primary artist available in the primary artist links box is Mayhem. There’s no Mcd anywhere to be seen. And if I try to edit the credits, there’s no mention of Mcd there either. So I can’t de-select the erroneous extra artist.

So I thought I’d try going to where it says ‘all tracks also performed by…’ and clicking on Mcd Mayhem there, and editing whatever comes up so that the artist is changed to Mayhem. But that just ends up with the EP listing saying that ‘all tracks are also performed by Mayhem’. But they’re not also performed by them!

Next, I thought I’d find Mcd Mayhem in the list of artists, and try to delete the entry or something. But there’s no Mcd Mayhem in my list of artists.

So in the end, a tiny bit of editing that no sane person would even care about has taken me over an hour to fail to fix and done my head right in, haha!

Is there a way to sort it out?

They’re down as primary artists at the track level.

Easiest fix is to select all tracks, edit, edit tracks, edit credits, remove them.

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Excellent, that sorted it. Thanks a lot.

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