Fade the screen to prevent screen retention on a plasma?

Would it be possible to fade all screen elements to prevent screen retention on plasma TV’s?

You might find a third party screensaver for this…

That’s one way, but I’d still like to see the Roon screen rather than some random screen unrelated to the music I’m playing.

On a mac there might be a display brightness setting on the keyboard but perhaps this is only for DP or connected LCD … will have to try later

You don’t say what your remote interface is running on.

PC. Maybe it is possible for Roon to detect there hasn’t been any user activity (mouse/keyboard movement) for 5 mins and then dim?

is there an option in windows to dim the screen that is outside the app running?

You can do it manually, but it would be nice if it happened automatically :slight_smile: Another player I use does this when you select a feature called “Theater View”.

Maybe an option for the Full Screen View in Roon to have a dim setting might be a consideration.

Maybe an API possibility too?

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