Failure to play using Raspberry pi running Ropieee to Benchmark DAC2 HGX

Roon Build 710
Windows version 2004 running on my desktop computer

Everything on ethernet

Trying to use raspberry pi and ropieee to stream to a benchmark dac2 hgx. No error messages. select an album to play and it cycles thru the songs without playing and stops. Switched the DAC to my cambridge audio dacmagic plus and it works fine.

Benchmark dac2 hgx has updated firmware chip to fix startup speaker turn on thump if that matters. Firmware chip provided by benchmark.

I understand you don’t support ropieee. just posting here for info in case others have had a similar issue.

it works fine if I stream to the benchmark dac2 from another windows 10 computer I have hardwired using usb and running roon bridge software.

one thing I noticed on the front panel of the benchmark was that the indicator lights of the frequency show 44 kHz with the 2x multiplier when connected to the raspberry pi running ropieee. This is upon initial hookup before selecting the source material. The indicator lights don’t update to the correct numbers after failing the attempt of streaming a 44 kHz song.

when the benchmark is connected to the windows pc running roon bridge it shows the correct 44 kHz of the song I was playing, and plays without a problem.

sorry. The indicator lights when using the raspberry pi and ropiee are 48 kHz with a 2x multiplier, not 44 kHz with a 2x.

Yes, Roon doesn’t support Ropieee, but Ropieee’s author is a frequent visitor and offers outstanding support.

Therefore, I am moving this to the Ropieee section of the forum and tagging @spockfish.

Updated Roon today to 1.8. Ropieee running on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2i over ethernet prompted me to update also which I did. Benchmark dac2 unfortunately still starts with a display of the input frequency as 96 kHz on the front panel display and does not play the 44 kHz input material. Substitution of my Cambridge dacmagic plus still works fine.

I believe I figured out the solution, but I don’t have an active Roon account anymore to verify. After my initial failure with Ropieee, I decided to try volumio programmed into the Pi. Using the benchmark dac it didn’t function either, and the benchmark dac front panel leds showed the same suspicious 96 khz input frequency. I found on the benchmark website a reference on the default usb 1.1 mode and how to switch it to usb 2 mode. (This is accomplished on the benchmark remote by holding the usb input button down until the 4x light flashes) I did this and it fixed volumio. I would be willing to bet this will fix Ropieee playing to the benchmark dac also, but my Roon free trial has expired and have not yet committed to a membership. See link below for complete instructions on how to change the benchmark dac mode…

Benchmark Media Systems DAC Driver

When all else fails, read the manual. :slightly_smiling_face:

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