Failure to wake up a Cambridge Audio CXA61?

I recently connected the CXA61 via usb when my first integrated amp died after years of trouble free service. The only way I can make this amp work is to have the amp power turned on before loading the ROON software on the PC. If ROON is running on my PC and I hit the power switch on the amp, it fails to make the connection and play sound. ROON always shows the amp as an endpoint regardless of whether the amp is in standby or the power switch has been manually turned on, but I always need to close ROON and open it again to be able to play sound.

I’m running a Windows 10 64bit through a USB class 2 cable. Does anybody have a suggestion. In my previous configuration all I needed to do was open the ap on my iPhone and hit play. Now I need to close the program on the computer, hit the power button on the amp, then use my iPhone ap or PC to play music.