Famous (dead) musicians touring as holograms

I’m curious what this community thinks about this.

I’m still not sure about this but it is ramping up in a big way. Started with Tupac and Buddy Holly but practically every dead musician is fair game (Hendrix, Bowie, Whitney, etc, the list is very long)

According to a friend of mine that is involved in this space, anime holograms will be playing at Coachella this year…

It’s sort of like going to see a covers band IMHO. Not the real thing but an experience.
Not one I’d go to but to each their own.

Some day, a band will play together with a passed member. Could be something. And weird.

In the future, your great grandkids (and great great etc etc) will get to have a conversation with you (if they’re at all interested that is…) with the digitally profiled version of you, in hologram.


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