Famous eric taylor died and almost no albums available on roon-tidal

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I notice that tidal-roon falls behind in availability of essential musicians. Famous Eric Taylor died. Almost no albums in Tidal-roon. All available on spotify f.e. If they can do that for way less money what is going on here?

Not sure about Tidal, but for me Spotify (UK) and Qobuz (USA) both show 3 Eric Taylor albums (Eric Taylor, Resurrect and The Kerrville Tapes). Plus a bunch of collaborations and appearances.

Do you get more albums on Spotify, or fewer on Tidal?

I can see the same 3 albums on Tidal along with a number of EPs and collaborations.

So, it looks as though Qobuz and Tidal have more or less the same items in their catalogues.

It’s not surprising that Spotify can have more content for some artists. They have a larger album catalogue than that of Tidal or Qobuz, but content is of lower sound quality than that of either Tidal or Qobuz. You pays your money and makes your choice - I did this many years ago when I switched from Spotify to the highest quality offering from Tidal.

Love his voice and sparse style, always reminded me of Townes (just like his slim, tall figure). Saw him live in Paradiso once. RIP Eric.

Sad news. The “Eric Taylor” album had quite a few plays at my place. RIP