Fan always running on Mac Mini (MacOS Catalina)

Since upgrading to Mac OS Catalina, the fan on my i7 Mac Mini runs constantly at high speed. Before the update (running latest Mojave OS), my Mac was dead silent when running Roon. Anyone else seeing the same?

The problem is solved! The cache folder was full and needed clearing.

Sorry for alerting the community!

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Do you mean the Roon cache folder? Or Mac OS System or internet cache?

It‘s the ‚Caches‘ folder in the Library. I was very cautious, made a copy of the contents in the folder before deleting its content!
After that, the fan noise was gone.
I didn‘t know that Roon has its own cache. Need to check.
I‘m glad the noise is gone! Although the Mac is not in my listening room, I have Roon constantly up and running while using the Mac for other things.
I definitely need to install Roon on a NUC machine!

I see. Seems to be the same as one of the fixes these two guides mentioned:

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Thanks for the links! Will look into them.

Thanks Peter