Fan Always Running on NUC I7

I was warned about this earlier, but it’s too late! I’ve purchased an I7 NUC (model NUC7i7BNH) and it has this whiny fan that runs all the time. This is a bit annoying in my home environment. I’ve already been advised to try setting the fan in quiet mode on the BIOS, and I will try that. It is weird to me that the fan is running all the time, even when the unit is not being used for anything and the unit is completely cool (no sign of heat generated from within). Does that seem right? And has anybody put a quieter fan in this compact-case NUC? Perhaps @support may have some thoughts on this? Thanks, Peter

Are you running ROCK/W10/something else?

If W10 Pro and you are running headless, be aware there is a bug in the OS that causes one core to max out when you disconnect after a remote session that will likely cause the fan to kick in.

If you reboot the NUC does the fan start running straight away, or only after a remote connection?

Hi @AndyR I am running ROCK. When I reboot the NUC (by unplugging and re powering), the fan starts at what seems to be high RPM immediately.

That’s me out of ideas then… I think you need to chase down the bios options next; else the NUC is faulty and you will need to talk to the vendor…

Intel has a troubleshooting guide on their site with some things to check. Google nuc fan noise to find it.

If you just set the Core up, it might still be doing the audio analysis which is very CPU heavy during the analysis; and can last quite awhile depending on your library size.

This is absolutely right. If it stops it’ll be abnormal and throttle the CPU performance severely. This is why people use fanless chassis, but your particular NUC model restricts the choices.

NUCs in my experience only “whine” when the fan is running full bore; which should not be the case at idle. Or, there is an issue with the fan itself, not all fans are quiet, and the i7 version does run hotter.

On my NUCs, the only thing which causes it to rev up is playing graphic intensive games. Running anything else, the NUCs are inaudible at 12".

Thanks @Rugby. It seems like Roon hasn’t done any audio analysis as of yet! Someone mentioned that one could see if audio analysis is ongoing when looking at library settings (it tells you it is analyzing). I see no such message, and I find that my “background audio analysis speed” is set to “off”. Does that mean that it is not, nor has it ever, performed audio analysis? If that’s the case, it doesn’t explain my fan issue. (BTW, on demand analysis speed is set to “throttled”).

If it is OFF it wont be doing background analysis. As to whether or not it has done it already, you can tell because local music will have waveforms display for the music playing bar instead of a straight line; and you will have volume leveling information. Try turning it on and see.