Fan Art Screen Saver

We have roon core attached to a wide screen TV in the living room. We also use the TV as a roon remote.

In this scenario, it would be nice to have a roon core option to switch on a fan art screen saver. That is, roon would shuffle fan art related to the currently playing artist. I do not mean album art, I don’t think that would work very well. It could be a simple on/off tick on the current roon core drop down.

JRiver already does this of course. I know that roon doesn’t like to be “me too” but I am sure there is scope for something similar but better.


Good point, this is maybe the only feature I miss since I stopped using Jriver for audio ( still a happy user for videos).

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Roon won’t implement features that are system dependent, they believe in a consistent experience and common code base across all the devices.

Screensavers aren’t a thing on ios and android devices.

@DrTone, good point. I can’t imagine why anyone would want this feature on a remote (especially a smartphone) either.

But I imagined this more as a “core” or maybe even an “endpoint” feature. Of course it doesn’t make any sense if you are running a headless core on a ROCK for example in the broom cuboard but it does make sense for a nucleus owner or anyone running a core (or end point?) in their living room attached to the TV. Great when you are in party mode getting ready to go out and you want a more communal experience. Like @alec_eiffel, it is the only feature I really miss from JRiver.

Having said all that:



So it seems there is an after market for this type of functionality I was unaware of even on IOS/Android. Can’t imagine why, I’m probably getting old, but each to his own.

What I imagined though was a core feature (possibly endpoint), similar to the Android app above. With 100’s of thousands of artists it would only make sense as a lookup on public fan art databases and this seems to me to be an extension of what roon does. Maybe even technically this is not really a screen saver as it is going far beyond most peoples experience of a PC screensaver for example. I deleted JRiver long ago so I cannot remember what they call it but I don’t think it was system specific like a typical screensaver waiting for inactivity. If I remember correctly it was a simple always on/off toggle. But I couldn’t think of another description that most people would be familiar with if they were not already familiar with JRiver.

It would be a toggle on/off feature attractive to the high end lifestyle segment but I believe a lot of DIY’ers like myself would be interested as well. It was always a very popular feature with JRiver users.

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I wonder if it’s something someone could develop using the Roon API. To be honest, I haven’t looked at the API specs.

API? Interesting. I didn’t know roon were opening up to after market.

Long time since I did any coding and I was never much good. Wouldn’t be surprised if there were more than a few on this forum with the right skills though. Good project I think. Very roon. Low impact on roon core (bad pun) but high impact on user experience.

I also have my Roon core (Mac Mini) hooked up to a TV. At the moment I use Roon’s now playing view in full screen mode so I can see album artwork and track titles. Would be good to have other visuals on TV too.

There isn’t much on the market that provide audiophile sound with some kind of visualisation. When I first started using Roon, that was one of the key selling points for me.

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I’ve been asking for a dedicated endpoint Now Playing screen for a long time… Not sure there is an appetite for it at Roon unfortunately…

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It’s been 4 years and no dedicated endpoint (api) yet. Such a pitty!