Fanless Case Suggestion for DIY (Maxwell Pro)

I recently saw a review of this case:

Looks pretty good as it comes with heat pipes and big heatsink fins around the case. Little big and ugly maybe but if you want silent and lots of CPU this may be a winner.


That is actually pretty cool! Bookmarked. Normally it is the sides of the chassis that look horrible (9 out of 10 HiFi products, imho, have terrible sides) but here they do look quite nice. Have a local machine shop cut out a nice shiny alu front and have it anodized, and this could actually look rather nifty.
From the schematic it appears that they don’t use front and back for cooling, so it could be made from pretty much anything and just layered onto the existing baffle.

I wish all of those ports were on the back pannel. I used HDPlex for mine. Clean front panel. Not even LEDs.