Fanless Roon Rock Music Server

I purchased a Fanless Roon Rock Music Server (not Roon’s own Nucleus!!) a couple of years ago, and no longer have any use for it. It only has ROCK installed, it does not have Windows. So I’m thinking of selling it, but I’m not sure if it would just literally be a plug and play for whoever bought it, or if it needs some tweaking to make it unique to the buyer.
I would log out of Qobuz and Tidal and my Roon account obviously before powering off the unit. Is there anything else that would need to be done, as I wouldn’t want to sell it and then find that the new buyer couldn’t use it as it still had my Roon footprints on it!!

If you go to the URL of the ROCK control page as described here:-

You can reset the database, reformat any internal disk, and if you wish re-install the software and OS from scratch.

If you do all of that the machine is completely reset - you (or the following user) will need to re-copy the codec file.


…and post on #sales-and-trades as I’m sure, people will be interested.


Thanks for reply. Yes I had previously went on the web tool and played about with it, restarted software, powered unit down etc. Excuse my ignorance, but what would resetting the database do? I had the software on a USB stick and I’m not sure I can find it having had a quick look yesterday. Can the software be downloaded from Roon and be used on this (or any other box) in the future.
I guess what I need to know is would I be better just leaving the server configured as it is, and after I have logged of Qobuz, Tidal and logged out of Roon the server is then good to go for any future buyer who can just log in with their own Roon credentials and be off and running.

I’ve no idea how much the server would be worth to any future owner, the unit cost me about £600 a few years ago. Any ideas what the going rate might be for a server like this?

The spec is fairly low

  • CPU: i3 7100U - NUC7i3DNBE

  • RAM: 4GB DDR4 (1x4GB)

  • Storage: 128GB SSD

  • Power Supply: Default NUC 19v Power Supply

  • Wifi and Bluetooth: None

  • 100% Silent – Utilising the Akasa X7D Plato Fanless NUC Case
    – Top of the line ELNA Capacitors for audio applications offers unmatched details. Ripple Noise measurement by Lab. <3mv on 19VDC/12VDC outputs

  • Thunderbolt 3 Port

  • Dual HDMI Output 4K 60Hz Support

  • USB – 4x 3.0

  • **i3 7100U Processor 2.4GHz – NUC7i3DNBE

  • 4GB 2,400MHz DDR4 RAM (can be increased to 16gb)

  • 128GB M.2 SSD Installed for Roon ROCK OS – Secondary internal 2.5″ SSD Available for storage

You won’t need the USB stick again.

Resetting the database will just clear out all your content.

Re-installing the OS etc will re-download via the internet.

So it’s really very painless.

The 7th Generation is the same spec as the Roon Nucleus - so it’s a very capable CORE for a standard size library.

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