Fantastic! ROCK rocks!

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Can you send link for this DAC ?.


Where does this player stand with the preference in the Roon KB to have core and endpoint separate or does a major company’s ability with audio engineering obviate the need for this separation?


This company’s engineering seems to obviate pretty much everything the audio world does. Pop off the case and I can see it’s so simple inside, yet it’s in my top few listening experiences ever. Their history is in Pro, and this box is meant to reproduce sound using the techniques and mechanisms that are used to record all the stuff we love. It works.

If you find an audio show or showroom where there is a demo, I would make it a point to visit. I rarely speak good or bad about a specific audio brand, but this box impressed me in a way I did not expect.


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Awesome NDAC with a high price tag! There’s no mention what processor it is using?
I always want a streamer cum DAC, it makes setup so easy and playback quality is top notch coz the interface between the processor to DAC chip is via I2C bus; this most direct interface instead of using USB.


Back to the beginning of this thread, the OP, THIS FREAKIN’ ROCK JUST PLAIN ROCKS! I have also been playing for months with my Windows 10 based core to play to zones reliably, with no luck. Pauses, frequently skipping to the next track in the middle of a song, yada yada yada. Well, built out my ROCK last night, I have listened to several hours today without a single glitch, skip or problem, just crystal clear music!! Thanks ROON team! (And thanks for prying another several hundred dollars out of my pocket :grinning:)

Hah! If you bought a Nucleus, then you could blame us for doing the prying… but with ROCK, it’s all on you!


Maybe you didn’t pry, but your gentle coaxing is very much appreciated. Still ROCKin’ on here with narry a gap or a skip. Thank you!!!

The Merging appears to be a nice solution. Maybe I’d bite if they offered up something without a DAC. Otherwise I’ll await another entrant in the Nucleus field as they appear.


I’m also impressed with ROCK.

My NUC: NUC7i3BNH (WD Green M.2 SSD 120GB / Crucial 4GB DDR4 2133 / WD Red 2.5" NAS 750GB)

Everything has been running fine for a few days. I upsample 44.1 to 48 (that’s as far as my Dac goes) and I have a small library (around 400 cd’s)

The sound is better compared to Imac Mid 2010 core (i3/4GB/1TB HHD)

Minor issues whilst installing ROCK on the Nuc:

  • Make sure to format the USB drive for the BIOS update in fat and not exfat (as i did)

  • Make sure you plug in your LAN cable sometime before the end of the install, otherwise you aren’t shown your Nuc (ROCK) ip address (maybe I missed this in the ROCK KB articles)

Why not the Nucleus itself?

if you plug it in after the fact,the screen will update to show you the ip – however, if you use the roon app, you can get to the web ui without knowing the ip.

I guess I must have missed something, but where can I find a Nucleus to purchase?

Not Stevie here, but maybe because of the pricing?

Look at .

The Nucleus by Roon Labs link leads nowhere. That’s what interests me. Seems this is not available as yet.

I’m already running the server/core on a MacMini. I’m looking for a quality piece of hardware that is as silent as possible, with best possible components, top notch internal or external power supply, and as immune to, and generating little if any noise in the electrical system, while rejecting EMI and RFI signals.

If I’m to pay a premium for Nucleus, that’s what I’d hope to be offered.

Nucleus will be the least expensive turnkey Roon OS device from a reputable vendor you will ever find out there.