ROCK + movies -- what's your solution?

I’m a newbie, please forgive me if this should go on a separate thread. For those that are running Rock on a NUC/Nucleus, what are you using to play movies?

I’m trying to minimize my hardware foot print, but would love optimized music. FYI my pre-pro is not network enabled (no DLNA). DAC is part of pre-pro and does not support USB, only HDMI, AES and Toslink for digital connections. I have not purchased the NAS or NUC yet. Just waiting to define complete system.

Thanks for your help.

The Rock NUC is strictly for Roon audio. The HDMI from the NUC goes straight into the surround processor, with no need for video (except to initially install and set up ROCK). For movies, I use an Oppo BDP-105D (disks and Netflix) and an Apple TV (pay per view and files). The processor (a McIntosh MX121) switches the HDMI as needed. A Logitech Harmony Elite makes it user friendly. The MX121 has network capability, but I don’t bother with it.

I’m using Plex, but I’m looking to find a way to get Plex server running on the ROCK NUC/Nucleus…

As for the player for Plex, I use a RaspberryPi3


I stopped using Plex. I now use Infuse on apple tv and ipad. No need to have a server running

I’m prevaricating (and have been for years) between Plex and Emby. Either are OK for movies, but hopeless for displaying my photo collection. I keep hoping that one of them will get its act together, but so far, not much sign of that.

Danny - I’m so glad you are working on getting Plex server to work on Rock/Nucleus. Good luck and thank you!

I use Plex and Roon on my custom system. Plex does not use GPU so get ready to tax your CPU for transcoding. They do have a beta test going on for Plex Pass users that uses Intel IGP (Not sure but they might have suspended the testing)

that’s your Plex Player, not Plex Server… correct?

Stevev1 - Infusion looks like an interesting product. Thanks for the suggestion.

Plex Server.

get a Plex Player that can decode your files natively, then Plex Server wont have to decode.

I know that, I am just stating a fact that you cant avoid. :slight_smile:
For example, I am having major issues with 4K.
I run 4K and Plex takes over the system… I have to kiss Roon good bye! They cant run together…

I have a few 4k movies not many… so is not a major problem… Just saying… if you are looking in to this ROCK plus Plex Combo… Take that in account. :slight_smile:

This might be interesting to you then:

@danny, Funny you post that I been looking in to similar solutions. I am skeptical because I bought a Roku with 4k thinking that the client will take advantage but its not the case at all… Roku still wants the server to transcode it. I am going to look in to this more.

Thanks @danny!

I’m with Geoff on this, too often swapping between plex and emby for video as I find neither of them can do satellite tv, via satip, natively and so have to rely on plugins that are not as consistent as I’d like. Unless it’s my wired network. So both reside on my server with Roon and rock is a non starter for now.

If @danny can get either plex or emby server into rock, it might help me make my mind up once and for all. If he got Roon to do video that would be even better. But I bet that’s another story/can of worms and so won’t hold my breath.

I bet he has thought about it though.

Great thread and a great idea, though the lack of control over Plex development makes me wonder whether about diluting the purity of ROCKs single purpose mission could become problematic.

Intel NUCs are so inexpensive I just have one dedicated for ROCK and one for Plex … which was how I came to discover the placement of the power button can trip you up if they’re not stacked straight (5th & 6th gen)

Yup - me too; a 7th gen NUC for Roon/ROCK, and a 6th gen NUC for Plex/W10… And I share your misgivings about diluting the purity of ROCK…

I’m about to try one of the little Amlogic S905X or S912 boxes running LibreElec with Kodi. They play multichannel audio files and HVEC 4K video with HRD. It would be great if they could also be configured as a Roon endpoint.

You have the specs and or links to the HW?

That would be fantastic!!!

I have two Odroid’s C2s and I just ordered a Nvidia Shield TV Pro. Plex on ROCK would be great!