ROCK + movies -- what's your solution?

I don’t have any specific links beyond those of reviews and sellers of Amlogic powered boxes. They are ARM based quad and octo core processors with Mali GPUs. The boxes sell for $45-90 on Amazon with Android 6 or 7.1 as the OS and Kodi and other apps loaded. I suspect that some folks use them to illegally watch pirated content. A lot of users replace Android with LibreElec for a more stable experience. They’ll play stereo and multichannel audio and 1080p and 2160p (with HDR) video with True HD and DTS Master Audio soundtracks. You can find lots of information and videos about them via google.

I’ve have Plex on my FreeNas Mini and on my Nvidia Shield TV Pro which also has kodi,
Netflix LOL I think I have six different ways to watch. which I use epands on where I am.

My ROCK is going together this weekend if the memory gets here from it’s travel about the country. Which means Plex will be video only if all goes well…

As a side question - is it possible to load the Linux version of Kodi on ROCK? If not - not a big deal - thinking of setting up another NUC with Kodi.

I find that the “Video Station” app works just as good as Plex off Synology Diskstation - only drawback wth both is that they still don’t have as many codecs and cannot convert “rar” files on the fly on playback as compared to kodi - the latter is my preferred app for video

Rock is a closed system and has no SSH access to even attempt installing anything.

Figured as much - and I like the fact that ROCK /!NUC is a stand alone audio Linux based only setup - have plenty of boxes for video playback.

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You are of course free to try ROCK on a non NUC platform, many have done so and with good results. While it’s not officially supported it’s for the most part working for many, so if you have a spare i3/5/7 mobo, RAM and an ssd doing nothing it’s somethung to try if you are up to a bit of pc diy.

Personally I use both NUC and an itx setup and no issues so far.

Do note the non NUC option is unsupported and could if builds change stop working but it’s something to play with if you wanted to.