What's coming in Roon OS 2.0 (not Roon 2.0, but Roon OS 2.0)?

Talking about HDMI output on nucleus or a NUC made me think about dolby atmos - what are the implications of possible future dolby atmos support (Tidal)?

Is this something that Roon OS / HDMI driver needs to be configured for or would that be a purely application (ie Roon) problem?


Does Roon OS handle file and folder names when they include characters NTFS doesn’t allow or have length that exceeds Windows limits? If that’s no issue I could make the switch?

Other thoughts,

Perhaps some type of music file migration system to help users who purchase a Nucleus and want to migrate their music to the Nucleus’ internal drive.

For example, some users have an external drive and want a solution where they press a button and the music from the external usb drive is migrated to the Nucleus’ internal storage without having to go through copying it over the network.


I too would like to see a bridge only MOCK option - even if its only the existing one being kept alive as it stands today.

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Will we at least get SMB V3 or has this already slipped in sometime ago?


Is this still on the table?

.iso image distribution so that it can be installed via ventoy or similar tools?

My vote goes to

  • something shown on the HDMI (chromecast UI**!**)
  • extensions

My vote would also be to support Extensions and a Display via HDMI. But I would be reluctant to see much more, because I would like to see ROCK/Nucleus remain an appliance. There’s danger in adding too many bells and whistles into a microwave oven or a washing machine IMO.


As SMB can be problematic, no real-time scanning for example, would additional support for iSCSI be an option that resolves some (all?) of the possible problems of SMB without adding a whole bunch of new ones?
Looks like iSCSI is well supported on current OS’s and NAS devices.

This can be interpreted in a few different ways.
Are you saying the option to install and run on machinery other than supported NUCs will be removed or that you, like previously, won’t support other hardware?

I love the ROCK experience and want to keep it, but i don’t like the NUCs hardware. Not powerful enough, not supporting bigger storage space, difficult and expensive to convert into fanless etc.

With UEFI-support the ROCK experience would be open to a lot more choices in hardware though.

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What extensions do you have in mind?

UI on Chromecast.

My view … install and customise Linux if you want these things. RoonOS and ROCK should stay simple and behave like an appliance.

If some of these things were extensions and can be readily disabled that’d be okay


I assume that @danny is referring to making Roon OS 2.0 being able to host the Community-sourced Extensions. At the moment, hosting extensions is not part of Roon OS 1.0


I’d like the hosting of extensions. Basic hardware monitoring of key metrics as a set of traffic lights would be good.


I would like to have the option for Extensions in my ROCK.
(I recently discovered, that they are currently not supported.)

I’m not sure I understand. Is this not already the case? ROCK is downloadable as a disk image.

  1. SQ improvements - there are options on the market that still sound better than Roon in some cases (e.g., Euphony, AudioLinux, dCS Mosaic). I don’t know what they are doing but I’ve done some A:B testing and the differences are not hard to hear.

  2. Extensions - I’m not sure what is meant but I would love to have an API or something that makes it easy to tie Roon into a home automation platform so I can control lights, shades, and music with a button push


There is already a Forum category for the Roon API:

And the API is already being used in the Community for Extensions and Home Automation…