What's coming in Roon OS 2.0 (not Roon 2.0, but Roon OS 2.0)?

Hi - guess I am not clear on OS vs Roon. Assumed that a dashboard change would be part of the OS…

May I ask why? It’s probably the one thing that keeps me from using Rock.

I hope Roon OS 2.0 to have full compatibility with macOS (or Windows) for European accented characters and 2-byte characters including Japanese.


My wishlist:

  • Retaining WiFi support :wink:
  • Receive audio via Bluetooth and AirPlay
  • Power Management
  • Wake on LAN/WiFi
  • Faster SMB
  • Complete Backups including media files (with restore from Dashboard)
  • Show some system parameters like temperature sensors and fan speed on dashboard

I don’t think I understand what you mean by “dashboard”

I posted a good overview in a topic you started a while ago:

Wake on lan over Ethernet is already supported, and given the lack of Wi-Fi support in Roon OS (besides that one NUC), that part isn’t going to happen. I saw you post about Wi-Fi in the other thread, but indeed I do think it’s getting dropped. Roon will continue to work with 1.x.


Is this just auto-sleep?

Where are you rebroadcasting it to? What kinds of latencies are you okay with?

I created another thread recently asking if people are interested in this, be sure to post there.

Docker for extensions along with a web based management UI that can connect to docker hub (similar to that provided by some NAS docker implementations).

In this case, the UI could probably be considerably simplified depending on the repository needs.

Sorry, I was thinking the OS as the back end generically. I run a Nucleus+ so never really had to install the raw OS per se. I’ll remove my post.

Is there anything you’d like to see new in the operating system of your Nucleus?

I’m pleased to say it’s like the Maytag repairman. I never really have to touch it. I guess anything that can lower the noise floor would be welcome.

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As a Nucleus user, my first wish list on Roon OS is Thunderbolt support.

And I wish Web Configuration Page can have resource information on HW like CPU,GPU,RAM,Disk,Network usage and SW like DB,extension software…

If HDMI output can act as a configuration console and support USB KB Mouse will be better.

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Talking about HDMI output on nucleus or a NUC made me think about dolby atmos - what are the implications of possible future dolby atmos support (Tidal)?

Is this something that Roon OS / HDMI driver needs to be configured for or would that be a purely application (ie Roon) problem?


Does Roon OS handle file and folder names when they include characters NTFS doesn’t allow or have length that exceeds Windows limits? If that’s no issue I could make the switch?

Other thoughts,

Perhaps some type of music file migration system to help users who purchase a Nucleus and want to migrate their music to the Nucleus’ internal drive.

For example, some users have an external drive and want a solution where they press a button and the music from the external usb drive is migrated to the Nucleus’ internal storage without having to go through copying it over the network.

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I too would like to see a bridge only MOCK option - even if its only the existing one being kept alive as it stands today.

Will we at least get SMB V3 or has this already slipped in sometime ago?


Is this still on the table?

.iso image distribution so that it can be installed via ventoy or similar tools?

My vote goes to

  • something shown on the HDMI (chromecast UI**!**)
  • extensions
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My vote would also be to support Extensions and a Display via HDMI. But I would be reluctant to see much more, because I would like to see ROCK/Nucleus remain an appliance. There’s danger in adding too many bells and whistles into a microwave oven or a washing machine IMO.