Fast scroll through albums

I have around 5000 albums on my NAS.
If I don’t know anymore the name of the artist but I know it start with a ‘s’.
How can I scroll quickly through the albums to see the albums of artist which name start with a ‘s’?

Type S in the search area.

Or activate the ABC slider when viewing albums in artist sort order. Just hit S or slide to S.

Several options…

Actually, you don’t have to type S in the search area specifically.
Just hit S on the keyboard.

(Assumes they are sorted alphabetically; if you have them sorted by date, you have to do a real search.)

Thats what I meant, the search keyboard or scroll bar. I couldnt think of the words properly when I said search area.
Finding exactly what you want is easy as long as the album is not completely miss identified.

How do you slow down the speed of the albums moving across the screen? Mine scrolls from A to D in seconds. Its so fast I cant see the albums. Any thoughts?