Fastest way to transfer music to Rock

Dear Guys,

Can someone tell me what’s the fastest way to transfer my music to a new Nuc?

I have 4 TB ssd on Nuc, formatted via webUI.
Now I connected to smb share and transfer from my external drive to the Nuc. For about 3.6tb of music it shows about 140 hrs to transfer (via W-LAN)

Isn’t there any direct way on the Nuc to transfer from external drive if it is connected to the NUC?

Thanks for support

Plug in an ethernet cable.

@Rantanplanary unfortunately Roon does not offer any easy and direct way to transfer.

You have to transfer via your network. If both your PC and NUC are wired to a router that is capable to establish a 1Gb-Network, this should take around 30-36 hours for 3.6TB.

140 hours certainly sounds bit excessive. Often transfering in chunks is faster than in one go, lets say 500-600GB each. Then the next 500-600GB

Agreed, its a PITA. But thats the only way to get there.

Plug in an Ethernet cable, if only because it is not Roon recommended practice to use a WiFi connection between the core and the rest of your network.

One other thing to note when you transfer the music. Turn the Roon Server Software off when you move the music onto the NUC. If Roon is watching the music folder when music is being moved to it, you can get corrupted files.


Hi Andreas,
just did what you are facing…

Had to format my 6Tb drive for ROCK to recognize it. However, copying the media from a Win 10 machine over 1Gbps wired network is very fast:
Bytes : 4.613 t
Times : 15:02:12
Speed : 93702113 Bytes/sec.
Speed : 5361.677 MegaBytes/min.

As fast as copying from one internal drive to another, i’d say.

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Dear Guys,

Thanks for all your input… I switched off roon software during transfer, as well as connected to the network via cable.

Brought all down to 15hrs which is acceptable for me.

For the future, I have planned to upgrade to 8tb ssd drive, would be nice if roon could implement some plug and play procedure to ease this process a little.

Looking forward to get this thing running to see what’s the improvement to my previous NAS Setup.

Thanks again for the support…

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For my initial transfer of my collection to 2.5" ssd, I let Rock format it via the webui (you cannot do this externally), then I shut Rock down, took out the drive, put it in a USB adapter, and plugged into the PC with the music. Put it back, restart Rock, and let it index everything.

Then after it’s settled, go in and tweak whatever needs to be tweaked.

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