Fatal Error: Could not create required lock file on startup on Mac OSX Yosemite [Solved]

I use MacOs Yosemite. After download of Roon I get a fatal error : Could not create required lock file

Have a look at this post. I guess it is the same problem. danny gives some insights and a solution.

Thanks, I read that before but it didn’t help me

Does it work, if you create a new user and start it then? You can delete that user afterwards, but it would indicate it has something to do with your user library.

Would you mind to launch Terminal app, on the machine where Roon Core is running, type this command and paste here terminal output

ps aux | grep -i roon | grep -v grep

That is the output:

frankblumenschein 526 0,1 0,6 2783856 98968 ?? U 4:44pm 0:02.47 /Applications/Roon.app/Roon --debug --gc=sgen --server Roon.exe

Try to type the following command in Terminal

kill -9 526

and restart Roon after that

The output from terminal says “no such process”
Roon is not running

That’s strange. Let’s try to restart the machine and see if that changes anything.

The process was stopped. But after restart the same error occurred

Do you have permissions to write to /tmp? Tell us about your Mac user

I have permission to write to /tmp.
I am the only user on that Mac.
I should have all necessary rw permissions

that error occurs because it couldnt write the lock file to /tmp that ensures multiple Roons are not running…

NOTE: I just checked the code and I’m not obeying $TEMP/$TMP (since the code has to work across two different processes with possibly different env vars) – just putting it in /tmp.

all the code does is create a file in /tmp, and then try to F_SETLK it

Thanks for all the help it is running now.
Problem was no writing access to /tmp

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