Favorite Jazz albums on Tidal?

Came across this in an old thread here. (shared by user Rugby)
A unique listen for me, as I hadn’t listened to jazz music from Norway before.

The below album was referenced in a novel I read.
“Spinning on the turntable just then was Louis Armstrong singing ‘Chantez les Bas’, a memorable song. It reminded him of his girlfriend. They had often listened to this one between bouts of lovemaking. Near the end, the trombonist, Trummy Young, gets carried away, forgets to end his solo at the agreed-upon point, and plays an extra eight bars.”

I always like Duke Ellington, and some Charles Mingus too. Fleurette Africaine, Solitude, Caravan and Parfait

EDIT: here’s another

I have a nice CD of Gulda playing Debussy and Ravel, and searching on Tidal found this foray into Jazz! I enjoy his playing, the relaxed vibe of the album, and it’s just interesting as an example of genre crossing