Favorite Roon/Qobuz bugs?

Does some of you have the same issues ?
When a add a favorite album or a favorite track in the qobuz app, then I see it in Roon.
But when I add an album or a track as a favorite in Roon (the heart button right ?), it does not appear in the Qobuz app after, which is really annoying:((
Also sometimes in Roon I have no albums or tracks favorites… those menus are empty instead of showing all my favorites !
Is it just bugs because of the 1.6 update??
I’m on the trial days of Roon to pilot my qobuz account … not convinced yet.

I think the way it is supposed to work is that the Qobuz favourite is connected to the Roon library. Meaning that if you make an album favourite in Qobuz then it is automatically imported into your Roon library. And of you import an Album from Qobuz into your library it is tagged favourite in Qobuz.

At least that is how Roon 1.5 worked with Tidal, so I assume this has not changed and it will work like that also for Qobuz in Roon 1.6.

The heart in Roon is local to Roon as far as I know.

It works for one of my question :
If I add an album from my qobuz account in Roon in the library, it appears also as a favorite in the qobuz app.

But If I erase it from my favorite one the qobuz app, it still appears in Roon library, which I can understand.

The thing is, I don’t find how to erase it from Roon in Roon … how to undo the add in library choice ? How I’m Roon you can choose to keep or not as a favorite an album you’ve found in qobuz ??

Seems not very user friendly to me :frowning:

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yes, same problem. After the update of roon it worked for a few days, now most album views on qobuz, like favorites are gone.

Herzliche Grüsse Ulrich

You can remove albums added by Qobuz the same way you remove albums from your own material. Select the album you want to remove and click on the three dotted icon, select edit

Scroll to the bottom of album options and delete album.

They have purposely made it hard to delete music for a reason.

Favourites in Roon are not the same as favourites in Qobuz or Tidal they are unique to your Room Library not a service. Adding to Tidal or Qobuz favourites will add it your Roon library. Adding anything to Qobuz or Tidal in Roon will sync back to your favourites. Playlists do not sync back, only sync to Roon.

At the moment the whole roon network seems to be broken so nothing is working admit should today.

Thanks Simon !
I’m now able to erase or add favorites and Qobuz and Roon are on the same level of informations :wink:
I still notice differences between the interface of Roon in my computer vs on the iPhone : for example there is the “view all” options for favorites tracks on desktop version but not on mobile version of roon :slightly_frowning_face:
looks like something has been forgotten because the “view all” option for favorites albums is available in both desktop and mobile version of the roon app :grimacing:

Thought I might join in here. I cannot favourite a Qobuz track through the heart. Click it and nothing happens - on both Android and Windows. In fact on Windows no heart even appears.
Sorry to take the conversation down a level - obviously you have all been able to favourite without any issues?

Have you added it to your library?

Nope I just clicked on the heart. I can see now that adding a track to library brings that into Roon.
Anything more I should know?
Thanks for the help.

Favourites in Roon are only for items already in your library, they don’t add tracks or can be applied from Qobuz or Tidal unless it’s already in your library. They are Roon favourites and should not be confused with the ones in the Tidal or Qobuz apps which have a different use.

To add things from streaming services just click on add to library which will be next to the track/album you are choosing or favourite it in the Qobuz or Tidal app as that adds music to your library on the service and then will sync back to Roon.

Got it thanks makes sense and if I thought about it, with the server angle, I should have got there earlier…