Favourite seeds for Radio

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Very interesting conversation and my experience has been the same, until yesterday. Not sure if anything was done on the backend, but I’ve had the most eclectic Radio playing on my system for the last two days. Radio is currently based on the last song in my queue yesterday, which was “Little Bird” by Angus & Julia Stone. Since the Radio kicked in, I’ve had few (if any) repeats for songs OR artists.

I’m not sure why, but this is how I want Radio to work. I’m bookmarking this particular song and will try it again in the future.
[/quote]Continuing the discussion from Radio algorithm after full album play seems narrow:

Opening a thread for people to set out favourite Radio seeds. The algorithm may go to different places in different libraries, but it could be interesting to compare starting points.

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Great idea! I’m still amazed at what my “seed has sown”, so much so that I’m not turning it off!

Song- Circle Game
Artist- Joni Mitchell
Album- Ladies of the Canyon

Roon played the album Ladies of the Canyon. The Circle Game is the last song on that album and then Roon Radio transported me to the late 60’s & early 70’s. Nice trip.