Favourited Tracks in Tidal not to appear as Albums in Roon

That’s the current functionality. Why don’t you like it ? I find it quite convenient to have Roon pick up things I favourite in Tidal on my mobile.

Yes I agree with that, but on Tidal I love the new tracks section. I often favourite a track, this then shows in my albums section. It is not an album its a track. This surprises me as Roon is such a powerful tool, this seems rather odd, unless I am missing something?
When I scroll through my albums I dont want to see singles.

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A very fair point. Let’s turn it into a Feature Request.

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There is of course a fix for this as I can select hide the track when in the albums page, but that is a bit fiddly and will take me a long time to go back and do that :grinning:

You are looking at the album view, where Roon expresses all the meta-data about music in your system from an album-centric viewpoint. As it should. It does not matter that you only have 1 song from an album, you still have a track from an album and need that album reference point for all the meta-data which is at the album level. Additionally, if a track exists as only a single (say a 7" inch or 12" release), then it will have its own artwork and meta-data, AND be tagged as a single track release.

As you mention you can easily Hide them all. Album View, Focus, Inspector, Track Count (1-1) so only albums with 1 track. Control - A to select all, Edit, Hide. You can then save the focus adding an exclusion for already Hidden albums, as a bookmark so you can just choose the bookmark, once a week? month? to quickly hide stuff you’ve just added.

Personally, I WANT single tracks to show up in album view. It just makes sense. I want to be able to read the review of the album, see the whole credits.

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I will try that thank you. Yes I guess we all want different things from Room, but with editable features we will probably all be able to get what we want in time

A new member with a similar view:

I’m that new member, I started that thread.