Feature parity between mobile and tablet?

I complained in an earlier thread about some lacking features, only to find out these are only available on desktop or tablet, not on mobile. I dug up an old Android 6 tablet, and installed the client - now I’m able to merge two CD sets, rename tracks, etc. This is all great, but now I’m finding myself trying to do certain tasks on my phone, and having to go find the tablet to use the exact same app, to do that task. What gives? Why cripple the mobile app and only put certain features on the tablet?

Screen size.

Plenty of things will fit perfectly fine. ■■■■■ just put a toggle in the menu to enable/disable the full feature set. It can’t be a matter of pixels, the tablet actually has a lower screen resolution than the phone does.

You could force your phone into tablet mode, but the text size will be very small.

Laptop is even better IMHO.

Roon has a pixel screen size cut off point where they decide if it is mobile or tablet/desktop application.
I assume Roon have come to these designations via trial and research and not just guesswork.



Here are some images explaining the lacking features

I’m sure Roon developers know the differences.