Feature request - Audio delay on start of playback

My DAC takes quite a few seconds to sync when it switches from one sample rate to another, so by the time it syncs to the stream and I get music from the speakers the song has already started. Would be nice to have a delay that is selectable in seconds inside of Roon for this sort of thing.

This is a good idea. I will put this on the todo list.

I used to have this issue with my DAC (Weiss) - FireWire connection. It would change sample rate, which would take about a second, but for some reason the playback would jump forward before playing. Changing the driver/settings fixed this at the time.

I have a meitner dac and it is not a driver issue. Once a song starts, and if it is different from the sample rate of the previous song, the meitner needs to switch sample rates which can take about 4 seconds, by the time it sync to the stream the song has already begun/

Sorry to resurrect an old thread.

@brian Is this something that can be done with hardware like the SOTM sMS-200? I’m experiencing a missing few milliseconds at the beginning of a song that fire up right away.

@brian Isn’t this the Resync Delay in device settings?

Yes. This option should be there for the sMS-200 in Device Setup.

Does it happen even when the sample rate doesn’t change? I don’t feel a 500 msec delay when bouncing around songs. I’ve just moved to roonbridge on a computer to compare…

Roonbridge is working properly, maybe a bug on the sMS-200?

Sorry, I’m losing my mind. It’s the particular song and just how it starts.