Feature Request: Clear All in Search

Search results remain and the search list grows longer with each query. Other apps, BluOS for example have a Clear All button that removes all previous queries from the list.

I’ve moved this to feature suggestions.
Some form of explanation would help as to why roon should invest coding effort.

Because a customer requests the feature.


Along with the 100 other requests.

Which does not make this request less valid.

That’s why they are requests, not demands.
“I wish Roon had this feature” should be enough. Why should he have to justify his wish?

Because guidance from roon has always been, add details so we can see why this should be done. Add a use case so we can see who this would affect and what problems it solves.

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Thank you.

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ged, this is the first and only feature request I have made. I searched the forum to see whether this request had been made previously and could find no record of it.

The post you reference from 2018, notes that there are repeated requests for features from the same posters. I don’t believe I am violating community standards or Roon development teams guidelines by requesting a feature that would benefit me and other users. I was surprised by the dyspeptic tone of your earlier reply.

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That’s interesting. I was going to say that mine maxes out at 10, and on the desktop version for Mac it does, but on the iPhone it keeps adding to the list. I wonder why there’s a difference?

I don’t have an iphone, but, I don’t remember an overly long search list on Android. Will check it out when I get home. If this is the case, then it should get looked at as a bug on the iPhone app.

I could have sworn that on macOS, the list grows without a limit, too. And actually, it still does but we won’t see it. Seems the scroll bar went missing on macOS (with 970), so you only see a maximum of 10 searches.

If more than 10 searches have been made already, just delete one of the visible entries and you’ll see another one appearing until there are no more than 10 entries left. Not sure if this is intended. :wink:

On an iPhone I got up to 31 items in the list before I got bored. I don’t know if it’s never ending, but it’s certainly much longer than you can get on the desktop.

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One other issue that bothers me with the search list is mistaken searches due to typos cluttering the list. In BluOS it’s easy to start with a clean slate rather than deleting search results one by one.

I can see what you’re saying, and agree that the inconsistency between platforms is a bit confusing, but why does it matter? I’m not trying to be provocative, just wondering why you’re concerned about this. For me, the only search that matters is the current one, so I’m not bothered by what happened previously, nor whether it’s recorded, nor whether I can delete the list. I’m obviously missing the point you’re trying to make.

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Search results remain dynamic so earlier searches can be used to return results. If my search list is populated with errors these can only be cleared individually at the moment. It’s a minor peeve for me, didn’t think I would open a can of worms making the request.

I’d prefer more music services added to Roon but this seemed like a simple feature. Having programmed video jukeboxes in the past, adding a button to clear a list did not on the surface seem like an onerous ask. That said I have no familiarity whatsoever with Roon’s development tools and I’m in no position to evaluate the resources necessary nor the difficulty or level of demand for my request.

Fair enough, but if a search is worth ‘saving’, maybe creating a bookmark would be a more durable solution than trying to keep it in the list.