Feature Request: dCS filter switching

@brian would it be possible one day to switch dCS filters from within Roon (across RAAT)? Would be a substantial convenience gain!

Yes, that’s planned but not scheduled yet.


This is still of interest, also phase switching and clock dither.

Wow! Interesting. Who knew that would be possible?

Let’s hope it comes soon.

It’s high on our priority list as well and is something that we are actively investigating.

We need to decide which options out customers would most like to see so please post here and let us know. Filter settings, phase, etc are high on the list already.

Clock dither is one that won’t be possible as there is currently no way for the network interface (inside the Rossini, Vivaldi Upsampler, Network Bridge) to issue commands to the master clock.

Is that not something that might be able to change? I mean if you are revising the software anyway?

Yes and no. In order to control the clock we would need an RS232 (serial) link between the device holding the network card and the clock. This communication channel doesn’t exist on any current product, and although it’s possible to make this change we’d need to see a fairly high customer demand in order to justify the development costs.

I haven’t seen this request come up before and in my experience dither is more of a set-and-forget option for most customers.

TBH… In my opinion the dev cost vs benefit of tweaking the dither function is not great. It is not something that would be at the top of my list frankly.

What is the benefit of dither in the clock anyway? I must confess I have not played with it (I have a Rossini+Clock).

This topic is relevant to me again. :wink:

I hope Team Roon and dCS can work together on this. @mike?

I’ve put together a design brief on what we’d like to accomplish in terms of device settings available in Roon and that has been passed over to the Roon team for review. Since it would require touching a number of parts of the Roon UI it needs to be slotted in with Roon’s overall development plans. Both sides are very interested in adding this feature, but still no time frame.

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