Feature request for Backups: separate library from audio settings

This would be a workaround until Roon supports some sort of cloud based library: please separate the library backup from the local audio settings. While it is likely that a 2-house or home-office user can setup an identical library and storage config, the audio endpoints are likely to be different. It would be great to be able to import the latest library from a backup without having that overwrite the audio endpoint configurations. Perhaps those should be severable components of a backup?

Can you provide an example of a backup overwriting an audio endpoint configuration ?

Your question makes me wonder if I misunderstood something the last time I migrated my latest database to our second house. My recollection, after having done it maybe 5-6 times, is that when I transport the darabase backup to the second house, it effectively deleted all the endpoint configurations. It looked for the endpoints from the first house and they were not there, and so I had to re-add the endpoints from the second house. Perhaps I need to try again and confirm that’s how it works.