Feature Request: Integrate/Support RooDial

@spockfish I’m sure this has been asked before but I couldn’t find a thread. I’d rather stick with Ropieee so asking if you could integrate or support the RooDial software in the future, please?


Or make a Ropieee-extension with this function.
(I asked for it, in an other feature request)

Hi @Billy_McSkintos,
I already asked him but he seems to be not interested.

Therefor I integrated Roon Bridge into rooExtend in the latest release, HQPlayer support will follow. So why not use rooExtend instead of Ropieee?

Best DrCWO

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Yes, thank you for adding Roon Bridge, I am using it where I have a pi connected to a USB DAC but also have have some AMP and DAC hats, all my other end points are running with Ropieee. The wife likes to use Spotify and it is difficult to get extra pi’s and justify the additional cost at the moment.