Feature Request: Jump to Currently Playing Track in Album View (+ shortcut key)

I see that there is a way to “Jump to Now playing” (sic) in the queue view, but can you also add a way to jump to the currently playing track in the album view? I realize that for regular “single disc” albums this isn’t really needed but for multi-disc albums and box sets, it gets difficult to find the currently playing track (as well as see the playcounts of the current track you’re listening to). Actually, for single disc albums, I would see that this would be useful if you are shuffling through multiple albums and you want to check the track # that is playing (the queue view has no way of showing you this).

Also, if you do decide to add this feature, can you also make a short-cut key for it (and for the queue view as well)? I guarantee that this would be my most frequently used short-cut key :stuck_out_tongue:!


+1 from my side.

+1 from my side.


Need a shortcut key to now playing album tracks list view. A button next to Queue button will be also convenient.