Feature Request: Make "Album" from Playlist

Best to simply use an example. On 2/12/1964, Miles Davis and his band at the time performed in concert at Lincoln Center in New York. To my knowledge, the complete concert, in its original running order, has never been commercially released. However, the CD’s “My Funny Valentine” and “Four & More” contain all but one of the tracks (“Autumn Leaves”, which is available elsewhere).

I have built a playlist which combines the albums with the tracks in the original order in which they were played in concert. Call me obsessive, but I’d like that playlist to appear as an “album”.

Have you tried to just merge the two albums? Select each of them and then edit them. Merge is an option. Depending on how much time you want to spend you could edit the title and other aspects as well.

Of course - but I’m not aware of a way to merge the albums, but yet still keep the original, un-merged albums, as well. Keeping with my example, I’d like to keep “My Funny Valentine” (all ballads) in its original form, and have a representation of the full concert.