Feature Request: Song Technical Data

In addition to the file format, bitrate, bit depth, sample rate…

Peak Levels (To show clipping)
VU Meters (To see realtime levels)
Dynamic Range, with the ability to export values to the http://dr.loudness-war.info website.

Using this information to create playlists that only contain songs with DR values of 14 or higher and do not clip.


I asked for this AGES ago, but it fell off the list of priorities. However…

Interestingly, in October last year I was present when Bob Stuart (Meridian) demoed a contemporary track which has lots of layered components, all of which have high dynamic range. Yet the dynamic range of the overall track was extremely poor by conventional “DR” measurements. Worth a thought.

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I remember looking into this, and put it on the back burner because that website has very little information on exactly what they are doing.

Is there a specification of their analysis somewhere? we need to know the algorithms, as we arent going to include someone’s precompiled code into our software without knowledge of what it does.

Understandable, if knew The code, I’d get it to you.

Since the biggest factor in sound quality seems to be the quality of the mastering and post-mastering processing, this would be a very interesting addition to the metadata. How was the recording mastered? How much compression was applied? Etc. Etc.

I do not know if such info is available for Roon to use.

If these data are made public, it might help the record labels to become aware of the demand to eliminate compression from songs submitted for streaming (for example).

This will be even more important when higher definition streaming comes on-line.

1.3 will have R128 loudness range information

also, dynamic range feature request was already done here:

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