Feature Request - Streaming to RoonBridge devices from other applications

I find Roon absolutely fantastic, but I would like to be able to stream other media sources to the various RoonBridge devices I have around the house: other streaming services than Tidal, youtube videos, various internet music providers…

I would like to be able to do this “seamlessly”.

So I was thinking that Roon should partner with some existing software providers to enable streaming from a PC, Mac, or other devices, to RoonBridge devices. Rogue Amoeba, for example, would be a good partner, as they offer a robust and well supported application for streaming to Chromecast/Airplay. Or Roon could even develop their own software. There are some open source applications that do that, and I am sure the investment would not be very high, and the potential rewards for us customers significant.

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I am surprised nobody seems to find this request relevant.
I guess most switch inputs on their amps if they need to stream additional sources?

This was already discussed here.

Thanks! Hope something will materialize someday.
Maybe an extension into the API?