Feature Request: Tidal Track Radio

It would be great, if I could start Tidal Track Radio from Roon.
It’s a great way to discover new artists or songs.
And it’s the only thing I need the tidal app for. nd it would be great to not longer need the tidal app.


Yes just realized this is missing and would love to have it!

8 MONTHS LATER Tidal radio track NOT working still, but you want about $ 500. Are you kidding?

Maybe quality of sound you have great, but functionality of software on low school level

I would love to see this. It’s a great way to discover new music, or just to be reminded of stuff you’ve forgotten about.

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One more on this. Roon has no music discovery features today[1], and this seems like both the easiest one (since it outsources the correlation logic to Tidal) and a really high value one.

Even as a paying subscriber of Roon, I find myself using TIDAL’s app more than I use Roon because Roon has no way to play anything I don’t already know I like. In an era of near-infinite music, playback is table stakes, the real value is helping me find something I didn’t know about. Being able to start TIDAL Track Radio and Artist Radio from Roon would be a big improvement.

[1]: Roon radio, categories, etc look only at music one has already added to one’s library, so by definition the listener has already heard it

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i agrree with t812, i am also a roon subscriber but i also use more often the Tidal app instead of roon.
In my opinnion its a must to have TIDAl closer intergrated into roon and make Titel Radio possible with roon and Tidal.

What does the Roon team think about this enhancements?

+1 on all of the above. Being a community of music lovers it would be (in my humble opinion) an essential feature for an already great piece of software. Discovering new artists and tracks to love and appreciate is one of the thrills of the new way to listen to music. Therefore a Tidal/Roon-radio integration would be highly appreciated!

Would like to add to this request the following flow proposal with three distinct options:

  1. [Library Radio] Which is the current operation
  2. [Library & Discovery Radio] Local and Tidal Library + New songs from Tidal
  3. [Tidal only Radio] Current implementation of the Tidal app



Hi all music lovers and Roon and Tidal users.

I could not agree more, it has been so many times that I started the Radio mode from one song selected in my local library, thinking the function would pick similar tracks both from Tidal and my library, randomly, and then realizing after a few songs that no content from Tidal was played.

It’s unfortunate for us music lovers who would like to discover other material from an artist, or similar music from other artists, but it is even worst for artists who could get discovered from this function. Anything related to the legal agreements between Roon and Tidal?

I would see a few ways we could use the new Roon and Tidal Radio:

  • Play other songs or albums from the chosen artist
  • Play similar artists or songs from chosen artist or song
  • Play only New content from same or similar artists
  • Play material from new artists or new releases similar to…
  • Play different versions of the song or album (Live, Covers…)
    And the list goes on
    I hope a new feature will be available soon
    Many Thanks
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Please do it, Dev team!!! I cancelled my annual subscription because of this lack. Discovering new music is crucial for me. That’s why I have to play my Aries mini usiany lightning ds. This app is lacking a lot other things, but it has Artist Radio (playing from Tidal). When You upgrade roon with this feature i would pay for lifetime subscription, definitely. Untill this happens I wilk not return to roon.

Um, I think you need to read the release notes for version 1.6 of Roon that came out last month…

Wow, I didn’t know about the update :slight_smile: Will try it and see :slightly_smiling_face: