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Would it be possible to get some integration with the whosampled.com website? It’s a great way to follow the history of a track/sample and has exposed me to some great music.

An obvious example is The Winstons and the track Amen, Brother 1969 (source of the ‘Amen Break’)
You can follow that forward, in time, to any of the 6057 tracks that sampled it, or go back and listen to the 2 tracks it sampled.

I feel it would be a great addition to Valance and would open up additional ‘rabbit holes’ for listeners to be drawn down.

I should add, it’s not just samples used in contemporary music. eg Bob Dylans Masters of War (1963) shows a ‘sample’ from Nottamun Town (Jean Ritchie 1954) which in this case its the melody that Dylan used.

There are 3 existing feature request if you search for whosampled. This is the one with the most votes, I think, adding your vote has more effect than diluting votes with multiple requests for the same thing:

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Ah, It didn’t come up when I searched but maybe an input error!

Good shout though, I’ll add a vote on the post you linked.

Many thanks

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Thanks for searching even if it did not work out :slight_smile: Too many times people don’t. It would be great if Roon had more resources to spend on keeping the feature suggestions orderly and everything in one place, but in the absence of that it helps if we try to ourselves :slight_smile:

Well the best thing would be if you could post the three threads @Suedkiez and ask the moderators to combine (which will aggregate votes), assuming that you think they are close enough in intent to merit being combined.

Well there are only votes on one of them, the others didn’t bother to vote on their own requests, so that’s two votes lost already.

As for how generally the suggestions are not cleaned up, I would never allow that to happen at work, but usually I get paid for these things, so … :slight_smile:

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