Feature. Shifting playlists


Why isn’t there a possibility to customize the order of my playlists in Roon?
In Qobuz i can adjust my playlists in order I like… in Roon??? Not :frowning:
It would be a great feature! In playlist it’s perfectly possible to schift songs like you please.

Hello Niek,

There is a way, when you are in the playlist, click on the 6 dots on the left hand side, this allows you to drag a song up / down the list. See Below :-

Hope this helps

NOTE, I think this is only available to ‘local’ playlists, and not playlists in Tidal (and I’m guessing Qobuz, but I don’t use that service).

However, I have a question, I’ve played this list a number of times, but the ‘number of plays’, on the right hand side, doesn’t go up for some songs, but other it does. Can anybody answer that ?

Hello Phil, Thanks but that isn’t my question/request :wink:
I want to do the exact same thing you explained with playlists.
So I want to put several playlists where I want them to be. (Favorite playlist in the top of ‘my playlists, and others more below)

Get it? :wink:

Yes, Got you. Yes, that feature would be nice !

My workaround, is to use similar playlist names, so from the playlist menu, it’s very quick to filter to a playlist. E.g if you named you favorite playlist ‘FAV - PLAYLIST NAME’, you can quickly filter on FAV, rather than strolling thru your full list.

I also, use ‘TAGS’, to group playlists (as you can add a TAG to a playlist, then I use the TAGS screen, to quickly find the group and playlist.
Not exactly what you are after, but it’s only a few clicks to get your playlist, rather than scrolling

Yes, I have to figure out Roon yet, i use it for 10 days now :wink:
(Almost only voor dsp/EQ)