Feature suggestions, are we happy with where they are?


I’d like to pose a question to this august group. How does everyone feel about where feature suggestions now live within Feedback, with only 3 topics showing, and well down the home page of the forum?

My perception is that what was once a thriving part of the conversation here now receives little traffic, and structurally it is hard to believe that anything will begin to receive many votes. It’s possible that it’s intentional, and that either the community or Roon don’t really want there to be much discussion of what features would be valued by the community because the roadmap is what it is. Or it could be totally inadvertent and unintentional consequence of a much-needed forum organization. Anyways the result seems to me to be that feedback / feature suggestions can’t or at least do not get many votes.

I personally thought and continue to think that this is a core purpose of a forum for an active software project at a string community, even if it’s commercial and one where the leadership has a strong roadmap & product vision.

Does anyone have any perspective on whether (a) it’s true that the traffic to / discussion of feature requests is very different as a result of / following the forum reorg, and (b) if so if these changes are desirable or undesirable?

Thanks y’all!

It’s fine. Roon is not a collaborative project, it’s a commercial product that belongs to Roon Labs. I bought a license to use Roon 3 years ago based on what Roon was then. I bought a second license this month based on what it is today.

I think the concept of voting on feature requests is somewhat silly, but I guess it gives Roon somewhat of a way to gauge interest. I think the real reason for the voting is to cut down on all the “me too” responses.


While I agree I’m thinking that the vast majority of people come to the forum when they have troubles (for support) or when they are researching an upgrade. Also a feature request is not so frustrating as a problem that needs support. 65% for me it is the music threads. So I get why the support, gear talk, music are ahead of feature requests. They could be upgraded to be in front of selling and trading and Roon Community site.

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I agree, Roon don’t seem overly interested in community feedback/feature suggestions, at least, that’s what burying the section seems to imply… especially when coupled with the meagre votes one’s given.

No-one outside the inner circle is going to have any perspective on forum traffic levels or trends, but my guess is everything’s working to plan.

I do not know that if they would be more visible people would be accessing them more and voting. :frowning:

Feature suggestions have had a very low conversion rate to product. Some of the most voted for being dead ends such as folder browsing, so I don’t think it matters where they go.


Exactly. And adding “[not on roadmap]” quells any remaining glimmer of hope :joy:


Ok, thanks for the replies thus far. So the feeling I’m getting from those who’ve commented so far is “it’s fine that it’s both less visible, and that it’s set up so new requests generally bury older ones so they are less likely to gain momentum because they’re unlikely to be looked at anyways and this keeps expectations low”?

I guess I don’t feel that way. I’ve seen several be actioned over the past few years that were widely voted. ARC is the most obvious, but also “prefer local / Tidal / Qobuz based on sample rate” and there have been a number of others. I’d like to believe that user campaigns had something to do with it, and perhaps user stories affected how they were developed. But perhaps I’m wrong.

Still quite interested in other perspectives.

I remember when they used to be called ‘Feature Requests’.

Either way, I don’t believe they hold much weight. So, no difference where they are placed.

My impression is that those that were ‘actioned’ were things that would increase Roon’s market presence and were probably in the plan anyway; i.e. ‘need to have’ not ‘nice to have’.


Just recently with Roon 2.0 internet requirement with absolutely no way, no matter, natter will there be a offline mode. For the most part it seems to me that Roon has a vision, which it should, and that is the track it is taking. I think that some of the Feature request implemented so for were on Roon’s roadmap to begin with.


Roon have always maintained that forum users are not typical of Roon users in general. With this in mind I assume that any feature suggestions are prioritised in accordance with this belief. Perhaps they canvas opinion from industry Beta users (Darko and his ilk?) and only action feature requests where they match what those users think?
I don’t think that the location of the forum section has any bearing on anything.