Featured foreheads on the overview page

(Julius) #1

Roon needs an entropy based crop (or a “Smart Crop”) for displaying images. See attached screenshots from my overview page.

I know that for Javascript and PHP there are a lot of libraries with this functionality (example: https://github.com/jwagner/smartcrop.js/).

Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread
(Julius) #2

Bumping this issue with new examples… :innocent:

(Hugo) #3

(Hugo) #4

Have to admit i don’t use the feature because of this crop issue. It’s never enticed me to click through anywhere.

(Geoff Coupe) #5

I think the issue is exacerbated because you have Roon in Landscape mode. Resize the window to portrait, and the faces become auto-centred.

I suspect that the designers like to use iPads in Portrait mode, rather than laptops…


That’s not possible - at least not on MacOS. Even if I do bring Roon into windowed mode on my Retina Macbook the Discover screen’s ratios won’t change enough to have a noteworthy effect on problematic pictures (foreheads or bald heads, it doesn’t seem to matter):

At the smallest possible window size:

The window enlarged:

So more responsiveness would surely help here …

(Geoff Coupe) #7

That’s unfortunate. Windows would appear to be more flexible in this respect then.


… hopefully the future solution to this will not be having to switch to windows. :wink:

And I like to use Roon in full screen mode on my laptop, it looks rather nice most of the time. :slight_smile:

(Geoff Coupe) #9

Oh g’waan - go over to the Dark Side :slight_smile:


Been there (from 3 to 8), I think I had enough. :wink:

(Julius) #11

I’m a graphic and user interface designer, to me that sounds like a lazy (read: crazy) design decision…


(Geoff Coupe) #12

It was meant as a joke - I should have added the smiley…


It works exactly the same on macOS.

(Julius) #14

:sweat_smile: that’s what I later thought… sorry.

(Tony) #15

‘Hats Of Roon’ could be a whole new thread… :grinning:

(Julius) #16

And a “hair thread” :joy:

(JohnV) #17

Sorry, people, but what you see is a mirage.

This has been fixed, and is working as intended. Go about your business. Nothing to see here. :slight_smile:


That one’s here:


(Julius) #19

I love imperfection :smile:


Here’s some imperfection for ya! :crazy_face: