"featuring" question


if I have a band with a “featuring” song or even an album with a band that are all “featurings” for example:

Bandname feat. Artist - Songname

Is right to remove the “feat. Artist” part to make Roon recognize the band correctly, what the correct behaviour in such case and what do you do?

Edit the track with the special artist(s). Go to Edit Credits. Add artist with the Role of Primary Artist. That should work.

Actually, there is a dedicated “Featured Artist” Main Performer credit and it is far more appropriate to use this. You can do this in Roon via credit editing, but you can also use the PERSONNEL tag in your files. The contents of such a tag would be:

<featured_artist_name> - Featured Artist

And you can have multiple lines/credits in a PERSONNEL tag.

In general, our advice is to concentrate on getting the information into Roon as accurately as possible; then we can present it as best we can.