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This thread is for posting your experiences buying and selling on the Roon Community Site. Let us know how it’s going!

  • Only post feedback on items posted in this forum.
  • You post one message per transaction using the opposite party’s forum handle.
  • Seller or Buyer should summarise it as Positive, Neutral or Negative experience.
  • Optional to explain why.
  • Opposite party may respond.
  • Each party may do ONE follow up.
  • You can add a link to the item.
  • No name calling.
  • Anyone not involved with a particular transaction should not be posting.

If you violate these rules all your [subsequent] responses will be deleted without notice.

Seller told me the amps look like new. That why he make picture look very blurry. Here my pictures
First one scratch all over the top, some at front

Second one better

Here his picture

I’ve had nothing but good experiences buying 2 NUCs from different sellers. Packaged well, thoughtfully advertised, good experience with the community.

I am being slandered here. My picture is clear and there were no scratches, if that’s how they can be described.

The OP has filed a complaint with PayPal which I have contested.

Stay tuned.

BTW -I never said they looked like new, even tho they did when I shipped them.

I am still ok to buy if I see all the scratching and you are not telling me, it look like new. Just hate people not honest. Check your message you send to me.

You said. They still like new.

From our PM -

Ok, we have a mis-communication here.

When I said that I meant that they are not damaged and play as they did when I first hooked them up.

I take great offense when I am called dishonest. I might be guilty of many character flaws, but dishonesty isn’t one of them.

You ask me to close the case with paypal? Let see after I hook the amps up. I am not trust you anymore.
You say you did not say amps look new, but you said THEY ARE STILL LIKE NEW.
This year 2022, your picture look like 1970. My kid have iphone 6s, he can close his eyes and take better picture. Everyone here can tell my picture thousand time better, why? You ignore my message until I contact Paypal.

Al this BS and you haven’t hook the amps up yet? You’d rather complain about 3 or 4 pin head marks?

You contacted me too late at night. I replied the first thing the next morning, the next time I got on the forum.

From our PM

I contacted you 1 hour after our PayPal threat, when I first saw it.

PayPal has closed this complaint.

The funds that were placed in escrow because of the complaint have been returned to me.

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I got a Matrix Audio Mini-i 3 from Khang_Nguyen1. It was very well packed, and exactly as described. He shipped it quickly and double boxed it. It was an effortless and smooth transaction and I’m very happy.


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As this now appears to be resolved I am going to close it.


Hi @hammer,

As this is a general Trading feedback topic, it should not be closed… I’ve reopened.