"Feedback" topics not showing up when I select "Latest" at the top of the Forum display

I’ve noticed that some of the most active topics (the complaints about required Internet connectivity, and the thread about Security with the 2.0 ARC open port) no longer show up when I select “Latest”. They do show up under “New”. Probably a configuration issue.

Anyone attending to this?

Not sure why Feedback and Feature Requests are not subtopics of Roon Software Discussion, for that matter.

The Feedback and Feature Suggestions categories show irregular behavior since their reorganisation (on my end). Example:

Latest view doesn’t really sort by latest (activity) like other “Latest” views on the site. None of these two categories show up on the global “Latest” view for “All Categories” “All Tags” for me – but if there are new threads there, I can see them in the global “New” view that then pops up. Strange.

Yeah it’s quite strange, navigating to the feedback page I see

Clicking “activity” the list is sorted as I would expect.

I don’t know what the original sorting is when the page is accessed or why it seems different to other pages which always show most recent posts for me.


Also this new post of a new category that just got created didn’t show-up for me on the global latest view:


Please fix all those new categories that got created recently.

Update: It obviously doesn’t even provide a proper preview/abstract so far.

Yeah, it’s a mess.

Any feedback on the absence of feedback showing up in latest?


I can only imagine the dark forces that have conspired to cause this! :rofl:

Feedback is a Roon forum category. If you want to read other customer’s feedback to Roon, click on the Feedback category. Click on “Activity” to sort by most recent.